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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Stoke Your Fires

Stoke Your Fires is now in its fourth year and has evolved from an animation festival to a full blown Festival of the Moving Image. I've been slightly involved in a couple of the previous events but this year I was more heavily involved providing photographs of the convention aspect of the festival. Some of my pictures can be found in the Gallery section. Follow this link:

This year there was the world premiere of an Internet serial entitled 'Blood and Bone China' together with the UK premiere's of the movies 'The Insatiable Moon' (see my earlier entry) and 'The Ballad of Des and Mo' filmed as part of the 72 Hour Movie Project at the Melbourne International Film Festival in Australia. To qualify, films have to be shot and edited ready for screening within 72 hours. Red carpets, glamourous people and a whole heap of fun.

Even as a stills photographer I learned much not least the passion for their art professional and amateur film makers have and the patience and ingenuity animators display to produce their films. I came away from the four-day convention inspired by the speakers and have a few ideas for future images.

I know the team are already thinking about to 2012 Festival - sign up on the website for their newsletter and do make the effort to go along next year. You will not be disappointed.

I must thank Marc, Alec, Niki and the team for inviting me along.

You can watch 'Blood and Bone China' via this link: 

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