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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lee Filters

I've been wanting to get some filters for a while and have been kicking around various options. I finally decided that I had to opt for Lee Filters - I've added a link to their website in the Resources box on the right. They are the best and that means having to wait for delivery. I was lucky to find a dealer with a couple of the items I wanted in stock but I'm on a waiting list for the neutral density soft grads I really wanted.

I'd been waiting for the opportunity to try them out but had to wait until last Saturday afternoon. After doing the macro work I thought that a decent sunset might be in the offing and set off for Cable Bay on the west coast of Anglesey to see what developed. Sadly, clouds gathered on the horizon and quickly killed off any chance of a half decent sunset but at least I got to experiment.

Most filters I've tried in the past have worked pretty much straight out of the box but you have to work the Lee ones. And they are so adaptable. The ability to angle a filter, mix, invert and generally be creative is great. In the picture below I used a 0.6 ND but only on the sky. I took a few test shots to get everything right and, for a first effort, I'm quite pleased. 

Click the image for the bigger picture

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