Joe Cornish, the great British landscape photographer, advocates taking most of your photographs no more than thirty minutes from your home. So, here's my blog featuring pictures either thirty minutes drive or walk away from my front door or from the place where I'm staying for a few days. I'll also be writing about photography in general from time to time. Please enjoy!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I discovered Fotoblur, one of the many online photo communities that have sprung up as the Internet has grown and developed, when I was looking for a competition or two to enter. It's a great place to show your work off, get some feedback and there is the possibility to get images published in Fotoblur magazine. The community gets to select the images which will appear in print by voting for the pictures they like. I've been lucky enough to get two votes for one of my images for the next issue! I doubt that will be sufficient for one to appear given the very high quality of some of the submissions.

There's various special interest groups you can join - I'm a member of the street photography and black and white groups - and I've found that  by joining these groups a larger section of the Fotoblur community get to see your images. There's also the opportunity to 'follow' your peers, too, which is an ideal way to develop your own style and skills. I'm following a number already one of who, Piet Flour from Belgium, produces some of the most stunning portraits I've seen in a long time.

The site is nicely laid out, there's little or no external advertising and it's easy to join. A free membership entitles members to upload one photograph per day while five can be uploaded by premium members, who pay $30 or so per year.

Here's a link to my profile at Fofoblur where you can see the images I've posted, a few of which have appeared here previously:

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