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Monday, 4 July 2011

Kit Review - ThinkTank

For some time I've been struggling with a satisfactory method of lugging the ever growing amount of kit I take with me on photography shoots. I've got lots of bags and pouches but everything was cumbersome and, well, bitty. If I go out onto the hills or coasts I like to have some food with me together with emergency dry clothing and so forth. I know that folk like LowePro do some great backpacks (I've got several!) but they just don't seem to hold enough or the right things.

A couple of years ago I bought a Jack Wolfskin 35 litre rucksack; lots of pockets and sections. This has been the mainstay of my kit but carrying my camera gear has proved... awkward. Until now...

As a last resort I bought a ThinkTank 30 v.2.0 digital holster from the lovely people at Clifton Cameras in Dursley, Gloucestershire. It's perfect! It fits my D700 with either of my long lenses attached or the D700 with the 24-70. And it's got so many clever little features...

I especially like the fact that it's extendable to fit long lenses. If I'm not taking a long lenses I still use the extension because my 60mm macro fits it perfectly - deep joy! There are several small pockets in which you can put a spare battery, memory cards, notebook, pen and so forth. There's a pocket that contains a rain cover which fits over the holster and a flap in the main section that covers the back of the camera so the neck strap doesn't cause damage to the LCD.

Additionally, the holster can be used as a belt or shoulder bag and gives great access when you're on the move. I think using ThinkTank's non-slip belt would improve such use 100-fold.

At the moment I put my D700 plus a lens in the holster, which then goes into the rear section of my Wolfskin bag. A further lens in its standard case goes in the same section it being just about the right height to snuggle into the curve of the holster. So, with two major bits of kit stashed away upright I can now slot in dry clothing, food and a flask plus a few other bits and pieces. A couple of temporary pouches attached to the rucksack allow for the carrying of filters and other small accessories. 

I think the whole set up is very clever, superbly designed and made and perfect for photographers like me who like to go out prepared for every eventuality. I'm now able to take everything with me that I need for a shoot and, for now, it seems that my carry troubles are over :-) If I could just lighten... only kidding.

If I have one criticism of the holster it's that the rain cover isn't really designed for when the holster is being used as a shoulder bag due to the large clips for the strap. However, I could be using it wrongly!

All in all, a great piece of kit... I shall be adding more ThinkTank kit in the future... And I've added a link to the ThinkTank site in the RESOURCES section of the blog... alright, and Clifton Cameras :-)

I should add that I have no connection whatsoever with either ThinkTank or Clifton Cameras other than being a very satisfied customer .

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Can only agree with you about the Thinktank. I have that too. A real godsend when you need things quick and easy access. Obviously a backpack setup is for another purpose, but when you are already sure what kit you need to bring to the situation at hand, the belt system (ThinkTank) is the way to go!

    Gr8 read!